Jewelry that speaks for you

Back History of how my business was birthed

Baldbeader was started at a time in my life,when I thought I wasn't gonna survive,due to the unknown.Covid had just hit and people that were well known in my community were passing and every time I would turn on the television,the talk of Covid was there.Though I tried to avoid the talk of it,one day it became part of my life.During the time I contracted Covid,there was very little information on it.The day I was tested ,I set outside in the parking lot waiting on my results.Doc comes out says positive,send me on my way no meds,just instructions 😩and being confided to a room 14days!In that room is where I PRAYED and Cried day IN day OUT but in that room I was Given a passion to BEAD,to help pass time and take my mind off of my situation.I must've had Amazon visits everyday of the week!(literally)😀As of today I'm 2yrs in and my passion for beading has been my safe space when I need peace.So everytime i create it's always during a moment when I'm experiencing Peace.As I continue to create I hope that every piece I place in front of you shows my love and deep passion for beading